Online Marketing: Where to Start?

Internet marketing is all about knowing who and where to market to. After you figure out those two key pieces of information the rest will fall into place quite easily.

The first step to starting an online marketing campaign is to figure out who your audience is. Although marketing to absolutely everyone seems like a great idea, it would ultimately be a waste of time and resources. Not everyone will want to purchase or partake in your services. So, if your main consumers are 16 – 20 year old females, then keep all of your online marketing strategies targeted at them.

Once you have decided who you are going to market to you have to decide what social media websites you are going to market on. Social media is used differently by each demographic, and knowing which one will favor your demographic is an essential first step. Women prefer Facebook and Pintrest, while men prefer Twitter. On all the sites, the largest percentile of users are age 18 to 29, while users age 30 to 39 is the second largest percentile.

Knowing who to market to and where to find them is just the start of the online marketing journey.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash