Passive Income Ideas

Those looking for passive income have a variety of avenues at their disposal. From translation to writing or editing, or transcription, many options exist for those looking to supplement their income or gain experience in a specific field.

With a growing global economy, many companies hire translators who speak a native language or can demonstrate expert proficiency in a desired foreign language. This allows you to showcase your expertise beyond the basic level that free online translation services provide.

If you have a knack for writing or editing, many companies host platforms that allow clients to post projects where freelancers can bid and then accept work. Because you work with set deadlines, you know if can fit the project into your schedule.

Those that can type quickly and accurately, and possess the ability to document recorded dialogue, may turn to transcription. Freelancers should be aware that most companies require a transcription test to move forward with the contract hiring process.

Payment structures vary for freelance or contract. You should expect to receive an hourly rate, set rate per project or with writing or editing, pay per word. You should always ensure you understand the pay structure and know all project guidelines before starting any project.

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