Should I Use A Website Builder?

To build a website, you either must know how to code, hire a website developer or use a website builder. If you want a complex, custom website with numerous interactive features, using a web designer is probably your best bet, however, if you are seeking a blog or basic eCommerce website with less than 20 products, a website builder is all you will need.

Typically, when you host your website, the company will offer either a WYSIWYG website builder or a one-click install of content management systems, such as WordPress, which allow you to easily build your site as well. In both cases, you will select a template and color scheme, and then drag-and-drop elements, such as a contact form, where you prefer and then add your own text and images.

User-friendly website builders are generally free to use, however, they have limitations. Your website will not be customized, nor can you have any features beyond what is offered within the website builder. In addition, if you want to switch hosts, it might be difficult to take your website’s files with you. While hiring a website developer is an expensive option, you will have a unique website with every element that you wish included.

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